What is CREDITS?

Credits — is autonomous blockchain platform based on the principles of peer-to-peer network. It is a decentralized system for direct interaction of its members. Credits provides completely new technical decision and conceptual scheme of interaction. The system incorporates all the users of the network providing them opportunities for creating and using financial services. Every member of the blockchain is able to offer a service as long as to use different services. For the operations are used tokens — Credits (CS).

What is wallet?

Credits Wallet allows the transfer of values (tokens). It is a web version of a wallet. The Wallet portal allows you to transfer tokens through a light version of the platform, without installing the complete client. You can create an e-Wallet, сreate a transaction, transfer of values (CS or tokens created on the platform), account balance display. The transaction history data is displayed on the exterior web service “MONITOR”.

How to create a wallet?

For a new user it is necessary to create a new account and the first step is generating new credentials. You need to get your credentials for further use of the service. Click Create New Account and follow the instructions. It is absolutely free. For any operations with an account are used private key and public key which are generated by encrypting password or keyword. To get the key couple and open the wallet enter password.

How to open your wallet?

If you already have your credentials, click Sign in. You will see two fields for entering private and public keys. You must enter your credentials to unlock it. Fill in these fields and click on Open Your Wallet.

How to make a copy of your credentials?

When you create a wallet, the system will generate a file with text data that will include private and public keys. You will get the keys as a Keystore file in UTC/JSON format.

How to check your balance?

In your CREDITS Wallet in the upper left column is the available essential information about your account. Here you will find your balance — an amount of CS on your balance. Notice, that only inner cryptocurrency Credits (CS) is used for transfers.

Ten advices for new user

  • After registration, choose the secure storage for the file containing the private key.
  • Be sure that you have carefully saved this data — the keys cannot be restored! Create reserve copy of the document.
  • Before all operations always check the reliability of the source.
  • Do not trust any messages and URL’s contained in direct messages.
  • Don’t share your private key with other people.
  • Don’t send tokens to strange, unknowns people.
  • CREDITS Administration never ask you to share your private key and to send tokens.
  • Check news on the official website.
  • Read FAQ for detailed information.
  • Feel free to ask any question in the official Telegram, Facebook.