What is transaction?

Transaction is an operation for the movement of tokens, the completion of a transaction of purchase and sale. The result of the transaction will always be the change in the status of the customer's wallet.

How quickly do the transactions come?

In a second are performed hundreds of thousands of transactions, so the transaction occurs instantly.

How to find your transaction?

You can find your transaction in your wallet. Enter to the Transaction’s history. Or you can find your transaction by Transaction Code in the Credits Monitor.

Why it is need Credits Monitor?

Credits Monitor — is a web-version of application that provides an opportunity to view public transfer register. It allows you public access to platform data, by analogy with the public viewing of any blockchain. You can monitor the current state of the platform: transaction execution statistics, number of nodes, balances and general information on the smart contract. 
At the CREDITS Monitor page, you can find following information:

  • Total amount of network Nodes
  • Transaction statistics
  • Account balance
  • A list of Account transactions
  • General information about Smart Contract
  • Overview of an open Smart Contract