What is the address of the wallet?

The address of your wallet is public key. In your CREDITS Wallet in the upper left column is the available essential information about your account. Here you will find your address. You can share this number with other members of blockchain for proceeding any transactions and transfer of values.

How to send tokens?

After login the User gets access to the Make a Payment section. It is the main form for proceeding any transactions. Here it is possible to transfer any amount of currency (CS) to any other member of CREDITS blockchain.

What to do, if you send tokens to wrong number?

Nothing, you need to put up with it and be more careful next time. Sent tokens are can not be returned.

Credits fee

The fee of the system you can see, when you make transaction. Verify your transaction. After verification you get Transaction Code. It is an encrypted code contai ning information about current operation that is being transmitted to other blockchain members. Before sending CS check the following fields: To address, Transaction sum, Transaction Fee. Transaction fee depends directly on the sent amount of tokens.